[ Hey  YO . . . it's   Ex C E L L ent !]
FYI: "Tomato juice and spaghetti sauce both contain folate, lycopene and other nutrients to
keep arteries young. Recommended amount: Eight ounces a day of juice;  
Two tablespoons of spaghetti sauce."  [Insert]: or more, (spaghetti sauce,) yeaaa!
There are many so-called 'natural' products on the market and most if not all are pretty
tasteless!-- in my experience. When I began to look for a factory that would make SPG
exactly the way I made it in my kitchen I didn't know it would take 4-years! to find one,  
until I began calling states other than my own in NJ. But they all said the same thing,
"why do you want to cook it?" which was how I discovered that pasta sauces produced in  
factories, sold  for  mass  consumption and found on supermarket shelves, are 'cooked' no
longer! than 6-minutes, 10, if it's left in the kettle, 10-minutes max. I knew I wasn't going to
do that. I was from South Philly.

SPG is made exactly as it was in my kitchen, fresh-cut whole tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh
long pepper
hots, (in the 'HOT'), fresh garlic,  expeller pressed virgin olive oil, good red wine,
good spices,
love. The  crushed tomatoes part is Scalfani made through a secret special
process & touted on a Martha Stewart show as the only crushed tomatoes to use if one is
serious about making a good pasta sauce, & sweetened w/just a few raisins, Sicilian style!*
Do you have a recipe or family legend you'd like to share  on Spg's  
website?  Or maybe you're from South Philly or know someone who is, or
was, and you can remember something  interesting or amusing you could
share and-or even a picture, but we need your permission, so send it with
any of the above mentioned  to:
Sphillygravy@aol.com & include
your name, address, phone & email address.  See you in cyberspace!*
Check out SPG's other pages @ links top left or page end
to order & to find out why
South Philadelphians' call  tomato sauce
"gravy" & did you know there really is someone
Joe-bag-a-donuts who loves SPG?  He writes for the local South Philly paper.  
Read what he said aboudit.
~~~nO Preservatives * toT
ALLY natur al * the - real deal,
in other words . . . YOU don't
need a dictionary to read the
label, hey!
Taylor: Mmmm . . love it Mom !"
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