Toothwick ®

POB 653, Marmora NJ 08223
Ph: 609-938-0178 | Fax: 609-938-0185

Toothwick ® is a toothpick and dental floss rolled into one that any person
or customer will want to keep, which is the reason you might prefer this giveaway
etched with your logo in any color.  

Wooden and plastic toothpicks don't really get the food out of tooth crevices.  
If you've ever used one, then you know what I mean.  Many years I would use
a plastic straw squeezed together to extract smaller particles.  
Toothwick ® has
a double slider side that slips in easily between your teeth without harming them
and a 'pick' side to dislodge any particles on top of the tooth.  The slider side can
be used as is: doubled, or easily opened for an even thinner slider.

Diane Marie,  President Toothwick ®

A subsidiary of South Philly Gravy, LLC [ ]
The corporate/company giveaway that
won't get tossed away.