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Recipe Sent in by:  JoAnne G. Joy

This is a recipe that my grandmother used to make.  I call it Grand mom’s Famous Chicken.  You take a
whole chicken, cut it up, fry it in olive oil and butter until it is nice and brown.  Take a pound of hamburger
and mix it with locatelli grated cheese, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, bread crumbs, 1 egg, parsley.  
Brown the meatballs.  Take some potatoes and cut them up in quarters or smaller if you use big potatoes.  
Put everything in a pot, add water and let simmer for about 2 hours.  Make a pound of pen points, after
draining the macaroni’s, spread some locatelli cheese on the macs, then pour the juice from the chicken and
meatballs and enjoy.  I always add more cheese after I put my portion on my plate.  You can take any part of
the chicken.  I use only the breast.  Thank you.
Recipe made w/South Philly Gravy sent from Linda in               Texas

Well, when I made it I used a little extra virgin olive oil and cook the meatballs on low
first, turning gently, then cut up and saute sweet onions until just clear.  Next, stir in
sliced mushrooms and saute slightly and add the sauce. Then I add medium whole
pitted black olives, simmer about 20 minutes.  Serve over hot pasta with a generous
amount of Parmesan grated cheese.  

Another use for the SPG Hot if you want to wow friends and family at a large
gathering with a simple but delicious spicy vegetable that is very unusual. Take some
small bits of leftover meat: brisket, ham, or bacon. Cut it up and either saute in extra
virgin olive oil or cook the bacon and crumble it. Add sliced sweet onion and saute
until clear. Then add some diced tomatoes with chilis (if you like things hot or regular
w/o chilis if you like it less spicy). Next pour in one or two (or more for a really big
gathering,) large cans of green beans cut (or an equal amount of frozen green beans)
and enough of the sauce to make it slightly juicy but not drowning in sauce, (about
half a jar if a smaller batch which can be frozen for another batch). Heat thoroughly
on low heat. Salt and pepper to taste, if desired. I serve this with Spanish rice,
barbeque brisket, ham or other picnic foods. It's an easy and great substitute for boring
pots of pinto or baked beans. I guarantee it will have everyone talking who likes


I was born and raised in South Philly, but am now living in Maryland, but as the old saying goes, you can take
the girl out of South Philly, but you can't take South Philly out of the girl.  It will always be in my heart and in
my head.

I used to cook my gravy for hours on a very slow flame, and it was wonderful, but I must tell you, when I
purchased your product here at a local market,  I have not made my gravy since.  I make my meatballs and
put them into your gravy and its heaven. Just like being back home again.  Even the scent of it cooking,  no
one would ever know it was from a jar.  Thank you so so much for making such a wonderful product and
for making me feel like I am back home again.
Sincerely,  Linda
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happy to share a recipe or two with you in the future.   
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