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I bought SPG on a whim.  I love to try new things when it comes to food.  The number of Italian sauce
choices in the supermarket is overwhelming.  Your product stood out as a change from the ordinary.   

Later that weekend I sautéed some yellow peppers and onions with some fresh zucchini and garlic  I then
browned up some cubed pork chops and threw it altogether in SPG medium to simmer for 20 min.  I
served it with some whole wheat (healthy) angel hair pasta.  I thought I died and went to heaven.  I am
Philly born and bred.  I had childhood friends whose family would invite me to join them for a nice
Italian dinner.  My brain instantly flooded me of memories of those dinners and the taste that had me
saying to my wife.  OMG, this is what
a gravy is.

If my wife noticed a difference, and she did, you should be very proud.  We truly enjoyed
that meal for the surprise that it was but also the taste.  Either I am one heck of a cook (sometimes) or
SPG is clearly the best product of it’s kind I have ever had.  

It’s not a sauce.  It’s a memory in a jar.  

Well done.  I’m hooked.

Bob Clark
Delran, NJ

PS.  I wrote this after eating the leftovers for lunch today.  Wow!!

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Wow, what a great email and recipe From Bob and Gail Clark.  Check it out >>
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