I hope you'll consider sending in your story for publication right here on my website.  Are you originally
from South Philly?  I was -- (born and bred,) and didn't leave until I was married with kids.  Maybe you
know someone who is or was from SP.  Send pictures too if you like, or recipes.  It's necessary to in- clude
your permission to publish; send your name, address, (fax, if you have one,) email & phone #.  See Marti,
(following,) who says her guy (from SP,) is
"okay!"  Oh, and don't forget to let me know how you liked
Ciao!  Diane  
Hi, read your site and am going to print a copy of "real South Philly" I am going to
give it to a few South Phillians I know, and I will mention YOUR SITE! and give
full credit to your site-- Although I'm not from S. Philly...but grew up just across
the bridge in Cherry Hill, I am married to a guy from South Philly, and you know
what? He's okay!  Anyhow, I NEED to get some jars of the South Philly GRAVY --
ASAP!!!!!!!  Where can I get them? You can email me and let me know, and have a
Merry Christmas, South Philly style, which I've always thought is the greatest!  
Marti Rulli  (Thank you!)
Btw, Marti does The Direct Saver, a
Direct Mail Advertising
Publication published 7 times a year.
It's in the vein of "Val Pak" but only
in booklet form. I own and operate a
small print shop in a small town in
NJ (with my "South Philly Guy"!)
Thanks for asking.
SPG @ Work
Moi stirring the
pot @ the Atlantic
City Gourmet
Food & Gift
Show 2001
From Marilyn Matarazzo working in her kitchen :
I purchased your gravy at the Shop 'n Bag in Brigantine
New Jersey during the summer and enjoyed it immensely.  I
was originally from Margate
NJ and my husband from South Philly. We enjoy making egg
and tomato with your 'gravy.'  When I first came to our Present
neighborhood, everyone thought I meant brown gravy when I
mentioned "gravy."  I soon learned that was strickly an Italian
expression.  Also, American bread -- believe it or not, at 70, I just
found out that "American bread" is strictly an italian expression for
white bread.  Anyway, I wondered, now that
Melissa's first taste:"hmmm -- Mmmm, yum ! "
Mmmm, I like it Mom.
9th StreetItalian Market
It's  All  About  You
Kelly on her lunch break
Mom, she's taking my picture
"Me Mom's Pizzelles."
South Philly Egg
& Tomato
we are in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where we might purchase your gravy.        
                                        Thanks, Marilyn Matarazzo
Sept 2007 | A Note from: Jay White in Fredericksburg, Virginia:
I just want you to know that I just stumbled on your product while shopping at
Giant Food in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  It is without a doubt the best "topping."
(I am still getting used to the idea of calling it gravy) for spaghetti, that I have
ever tasted .  I used to make my own spaghetti "sauce"  with a product called
Spatini, but they stopped making that ingredient and I have never been able to
find anything in the store that I liked until I found your South Philly Gravy.  
I hope that Giant Food never disappoints me and stops carrying it.  
Sincerely, Joe White  :)
P.S. You have my permission to print my comments  on your web site.