CUZ' IT'S GRAVY!  By Dorette Rota

It Ain't Sauce Cuz' it's Gravy

And real South Philadelphians Have always known that
Like it or not, South Philadelphians are Stereo typed in the eyes and minds of many “out-of-
No matter how meek and mild you may be, your cousins from Northeast still ask how close your
house is to the sights of mob killings.
Everybody wants to know if the neighborhood butcher “really cuts beef for a living;” If the corner
steak shop sells more than provolone hoagies; and if you got your VCR from a department store
or the corner hood who “made you an offer you couldn’t refuse.”
In addition to some of the negative images local residents have tallied over the years, South
Philadelphians have also been recognized as warm, sincere, down to earth people. And there are,
however, some traits that true South Philadelphians have come to recognize as real South
Philadelphian characteristics. These are just a few:

REAL SOUTH Philadelphians don’t bend their cups while eating water ice.
Real South Philadelphians don’t call gravy “sauce.”
Real South Philadelphians know the meanings of the phrase “skeeve; bimbo; how cheap; comere;
woolie; cooch.”
Real South Philadelphians know where to get the best creamed chipped beef on toast, roast beef
sandwiches, water ice, hot dogs, pasta, and mussels.
Real South Philadelphians don’t buy packaged rolls.
Real South Philadelphians don’t buy meatball sandwiches from street vendors.
Real South Philadelphian girls wear T-shirts instead of bathing suit cover-ups.

REAL SOUTH Philadelphian men don’t wear floral designed bathing briefs.
Real South Philadelphians like Frank Sinatra.
Real South Philadelphians don’t drive to the casinos; they take the bus trips.
Real South Philadelphian guys don’t wear supermarket sneakers.
Real South Philadelphians know where to play a number (not always at the local lottery outlets).

REAL SOUTH Philadelphians call the Italian Market “Ninth Street,” and Passyunk Avenue “The
Real South Philadelphians love the challenge of a tight parking spot.
Real South Philadelphians do the “South Philly Slide” through stop signs.
Real South Philadelphians eat macaroni on Sunday.
Real South Philadelphians have plastic slipcovers on their couches and ceramic elephants in their

REAL SOUTH Philadelphians spell relief r-a-v-i-o-l-i.
Real South Philadelphian teenagers hang out a Morey’s Pier in Wildwood.
Real South Philadelphians call FDR Park “The Lakes.”
Real South Philadelphians will play softball rather than eat dinner.
Real South Philadelphians go to New Jersey movie theaters.
Real South Philadelphians can drive 60 mph up Mole Street; aren’t afraid of killer potholes and
don’t believe it’s illegal to double park.

REAL SOUTH Philadelphians call Second Street “Two Street.”
Real South Philadelphia parents call their young children “mommy” or “daddy.”
Real South Philadelphians add the letters “y” or “ie” after every guy’s name: Joey, Paulie, Johnie,
Mikie, Sammy, Bobby, Markie.
Real South Philadelphians don’t cuff their jeans, they hem them.
Real South Philadelphians know how to get to “the bobet.”
Real South Philadelphians know the difference between pizza and tomato pie.

REAL SOUTH Philadelphians know where the Crest, the Heart, AC and Diamond Beach are.
Real South Philadelphians have a friend in the business . . . any business.
Real South Philadelphians get snagged by the cops, at least once, under the bridge, down at the
Real South Philadelphians know that St. Maria Goretti High School was built on top of a cemetery.
Real South Philadelphians aren’t afraid to spend money.
Real South Philadelphians still call Frank Rizzo “Mayor Rizzo.”
Real South Philadelphia girls don’t wear boots in the snow.
Real South Philadelphia guys wouldn’t be caught dead in sandals.
Features editor Margaret Battistelli Davis and Photo Editor, Tom Mihalek, Contributed to this
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